Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine

Features: clinical lectures on the applications of botanical medicine in chronic health conditions, field studies, a panel discussion and herb walks in the desert.

Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium 2021

More than 30 online presentations covering clinical applications of botanical medicine, including Friday intensive with Jason Miller, DACM on collaborative oncology, three panel discussions, online medicine-making classes and in-person herb walks and field studies (safety guidelines permitting).

SAR 2021 Virtual Research Conference

SAR’s 2021 conference was organized around the theme of Roles and Relevance of Traditional East Asian Medicine as it relates to our current world environment.  To our knowledge, this conference was the first acupuncture and TEAM research forum focused on the current global viral pandemic.  These unprecedented and complex times necessitate a diverse audience that

34th ICMART World Medical Acupuncture Hybrid Congress

All ICMART congresses are well known for their high scientific standards and are great social events. They are a great opportunity to get the newest developments on scientific acupuncture, related techniques, research and clinical practice. This year we continue with great keynote lectures, workshops and clinical cases from outstanding speakers who will join the congress.

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